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Hi, I'm Chancey.

From an early age drawing has been a way for me to process my thoughts and emotions. Always a bit of a day dreamer and introvert, creating fictitious worlds to get lost in had a big appeal to me. Growing up in Northern British Columbia has also had an impact on the recurring imagery I like to explore. Some of the themes that appear in my work are nature, dwellings, the female form, emotional states, mental health and psychology. I love to try out a variety of media. Most of my artwork is made by painting and drawing but I also enjoy dabbling in collage, sculpture and textiles.

Apart from being creative and making things, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful partner Ben and our two kids. Being a mom has changed the way I approach making art and continues to keep me curious and amazed every day. 

I also love to roller skate and play roller derby, although the current state of the world has put a hold on lacing up my skates for now. 

I hope you enjoy having a look at what I've been working on. I most often post on my Instagram account and my goal is to film my process more often and make a semi regular practice of sharing video footage on Youtube. 

If you are interested in my work or have any questions please feel free to email me.

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